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Hi, my name is Jens Engels creator and Director Of Content at Coconut Tree Productions.

At a young age I was deeply impressed by the impact of movies on our emotions. Soon I realized that a film even has the ability to change a person's day. And sometimes even someones life. Video lets people forget everything around them. It can instantly shift our mood and capture attention.

Someday I would be able to influence that effect on people, to give them these emotional experiences. Film school made me realize that acting was not the only way to influence peoples moods. After graduating the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, I decided to create my own content.

Coconut Tree Productions specializes in film, aerial cinematography and photography.
Dedicated to the creation of compelling video content for corporate, commercial, and entertainment endeavors. Including post production services like creative editing and music. Coconut Tree Productions creates dynamic motion pictures for real estate, holiday resorts, hotels, restaurants, classic cars, yachts, etc. in any location around the world.

We will tell your passionate story with emotional film images. For website, social media, tv screen or theatre. For product launching, image building, vision sharing, teasing, story telling, etc.

We hope you are in for the ride!